Why Copland

We don't focus on our competitors. we focus on our customers. Likewise, we aren't motivated by profit but motivated by a purpose: to provide quality services to businesses of all sizes.

Everything we do at CoplandPost is designed to provide intuitive solutions for complicated tasks. Here’s how we keep it Copland in every aspect of our business.

Copland means clean design with intuitive functionality

We create products with advanced functionality to keep up with our customers’ needs, yet we take extra steps to ensure our tools are easy for you to use.

Copland means serving our customers first

Our entire business approach focuses on meeting the needs of our existing customers. Therefore, we invest in things that help them succeed, like 24/7 live support and new features people actually want and need to grow their business.

You're in good company

Join the many happy UK customers who are already using CoplandPost.

What really impresses me with CoplandPost is how they seem to be one step ahead of the competition. Their software is incredibly progressive and works perfectly across all devices.

Rob Ford

Owner at The Salty Dog Restaurant

We love the simplicity and flexibility of Copland. It’s helped us connect us to a new local audience as we’ve grown from a small to mid-sized startup.

Eric Johnson

Estate Agent at Brooks

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