Let's Get Going

Just three building blocks and you're on your way

Building block #1 -

The Dashboard

Serving as your home base in CoplandPost, your dashboard is where you’ll see your deliveries, routes and personalized checklist at a glance. From here, you can create your first flyer campaign.

Building block #2 -


From the dashboard, click on one of your routes to open the detail view. You can customize the display to fit your business goals.

Building block #3 -


Once you’ve got your routes board the way you like it, start creating new flyer deliveries for yourself and your business. It's easy!

Now you know how to get started, it's time to fit your delivery around your business.

Set your notifications

Never miss out on an important delivery update. CoplandPost informs you as soon as:

  • Your delivery begins

  • New tracking is available

  • A route is completed

This way, you're always in the loop.

Outstanding features

Our distribution features allow you to automate your business marketing and save time every day.

Go mobile

Never lose sight of your delivery by managing your deliveries on the go. Our web based app is designed to intergrate with any device. Choose Copland and get complete control over your flyer campaigns.

Peace of Mind

Choose Copland and have peace of mind on every delivery


keeping you updated


delivering results


for quality performance

Living wage

playing our part

Visit our Peace of Mind page for more information.

Stay up to date

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Premium features


Premium features

Premium features

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