The Flooring Folk effectively combine features to maximise success



Continue the company’s growth and increase revenue



Strategic focus on people that had already expressed an interest in their services



87% increase in overall site revenue and 60% reduction in cost per acquisition

“Since Copland have taken over our account we have come on leaps and bounds in terms of revenue and visibility in our market.”

- Chris, E-commerce Manager

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Company was founded


Starting price for flooring from various brands


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About the goals

Working in conjunction with their Copland Post Partner, Chris devised a plan to expand their services, incorporating agencies and resellers alike. To reach these previously untapped clients, they implemented Similar Audiences. This approach was geared towards targeting an audience that had already expressed interest in their services, strategically focusing on specific possible clients for maximum efficiency.

Chris knows that, unlike other marketing agencies, Copland provide solutions tailored towards their business, not generic fits for all. Because every business is different.

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