Using your story to impact your campaigns

Your business is unique. Its story will be like no other, and whilst you may believe your products and services are similar, the brand is what creates the overall experience for your customer.

Just like your story: we're unique too. We at Copland were founded during the pandemic. We knew that customers wanted to reach their local community, and they wanted to employ a professional company to help deliver their messages. But they also wanted the flexibility to adapt to a changing business environment. We built a product the did that, and continually assess our customers wants and need to help reflect a service that could better serve their businesses.

Pick the details that will make you shine

Never be afraid of the stuff that makes you unique. Customers aren't fools, and they'll see straight through a false facade. Be honest, open and don't be afraid of who you are and where your business comes from.

Your story inspires your customers. They choose companies that they respect, appreciate and want to work with. It might seem obvious, but small businesses tend to overlook their brand quite easily.

Here are a few things you should highlight when talking about your story:

  • Where were you when you got the idea for your company?

  • What pushed you over the edge from having an idea to starting to do the work?

  • What was the first thing you did?

  • When did you decide to leave your job (or whatever you were doing before) and work on your company full time?

Where your story can be used

  • Emails

Following with your customers and continually sharing snippets of who you are can creating engaging content, and the more your lead is engaging with you, the more likely they're to use you.

  • Ads

Talk about who you are and what you do on your printed material. Customers want to learn more about you before taking advantage of a snazzy offer that'll make them pick up the phone.

  • Website

Repeatedly remind your customers who you are ad what you're doing across your website. This encourages engagement and helps you reflect that brand image you've worked so hard on directly to the customer.


Your story is interesting, even if it doesn't seem that way to you. So take your story and share it with the world. You'll help your business, and you may just inspire someone else to go start something of their own.