Grow Your Sales This Christmas

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

We're not telling you anything new here, but none of us will forget 2020, and Christmas this year will be different for millions of people across the UK.

We've been busy during the national lockdowns. By completely redesigning how customers interact with us, flyer delivery has never been easier to book, track and manage.

Increase your sales this Christmas

Flyer delivery remains and will continue to remain, one of the most effective marketing strategies for businesses of all types and sizes. And with some industries (notably the food sector) facing rising fees from competitive technology companies like JustEat and Deliveroo, making sales independently and avoiding their high fees won't just increase your revenues, it'll increase your profits too.

Look forward to 2021

If the often-surreal events of 2020 have taught us anything, it is that even the best-made plans can be rendered obsolete by circumstances beyond our control. However, with the year ending, Christmas now approaching and an end to the uncertainty insight, unpredictability cannot become a reason to neglect planning for the year ahead. Instead, it is a chance for companies everywhere to find new techniques that help them to plan more creatively, flexibly and collaboratively for 2021.

Start your new campaign for free today, make December a good one and move forward in 2021.

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