Facebook Shop: Is It Right For You?

There's no surprise that more of us are working from home, and it looks like we're going to do it for a little while longer. With this, more people are buying products and services online, and if your customers are going online, then you should be too. Learn from their actions and pivot to suit their needs.

What is Facebook Shop?

A Facebook Shop is an online catalogue for your products and services. Customers can browse your prices just as they would do on your website and can initiate a payment through it. A major benefit of a Facebook Shop is that it integrates with so many other systems, Shopify, Wix and other platforms can seemingly integrate with it. Super easy to use and user friendly, customers are flocking to shopping through Facebook.

A couple of things to remember when setting up

Stay professional and consistent with your brand. If you're not sure if you're adding value to your business by setting a Facebook Shop up, and your customers are unlikely to use it, best leave it out.

Customers don't just pop out from the ground (you probably know this) - so as usual, you need to market it. Flyer delivery (you knew we were going to mention it) can be great, social media advertising, pay per click on search engines... you know the options... what matters is what actually works.

Your business is as important to us as it is to you. When you do well, we do well (not going to beat around the bush about it). That means we're not going to sell something to you we don't think you'll benefit from. If Facebook Shop isn't for you, don't use it. If your customers want it, you have to.

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