Digitalising Your Flyer Campaigns

Updated: Jan 18

CoplandPost is working in a broken industry. Too many companies are falling victim to fraudsters who can't manage your campaigns. During the first covid-19 lockdown, we set to work fixing it, and are ready to help small businesses build back better.

We've revolutionised the industry through digitalisation. By shunning our focus on competition, and obsessively engaging with our customers own business goals, for the first time, customers can have certainty, confidence and control.

How can your business become digitalised?

Digitalisation is more than just a buzzword; it's an evolution in the way you work and results in profound changes in what "business as usual" looks like. Defining what digitalisation means for your company is very individual. For one company, digitalisation could be the crossover from paper printouts to digital documents. It could also be the purchase of a CRM tool to manage sales leads and clients. Or, it could be by digitalising successful marketing strategies like flyer campaigns.

By using CoplandPost to book and manage your campaigns with us, you're already digitalising your business. You're able to:

  1. Book and target local areas

  2. Choose your demographics, only delivering to households that are most likely to buy from you

  3. Stop and start your campaign whenever you need to

  4. Pay how you want, for what you use

  5. Track your delivery anytime, anywhere

  6. Book material collections whenever you need them

And so much more...

There are two things to keep in mind when starting the process of digitalisation: First, it is a wide spectrum, and second, it is a constant journey. The digitalisation process for your company depends on your starting point, the technology available within your industry, and the market in which your business operates.

Listen to your customers with new metrics

Businesses constantly look to data to find areas that need improvement as well as key insights to react quickly in an ever-changing market. Your customer is a walking cheatsheet, they know exactly what they don't like, and your job is to work out what they do like. Digitalising your business means you're able to gain insightful metrics of what works (i.e. what your customers like) and what doesn't work (what your customers don't like or aren't willing to pay for).

You can use CoplandPost to gain useful and insightful metrics on your marketing campaigns. Use your data to work our questions like how customers respond to different artwork, messaging and language, where your customers live and when they're most likely to buy from you.

We're here for you. Speak to us anytime, and let's move your business forward.

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