10 Tips to Grow Your Business in 2021

We rounded up advice from some of our savviest customers about how to succeed this year.

We hope this year won't be as turbulent as the last, and with the end on the horizon, we've put together some top tips to move your business forward this year.

Automate your work

1) Use reports to determine more ways automation can keep people engaged

Copland's Automated Rule page allows you to take control of your campaign when you're not around. Households or impressions lower than expected? Expand your target area. Sales higher than last week? Temporarily pause your campaign and resume when things slow down.

2) Stay true to yourself, even when you automate.

“Automating parts of your business doesn’t have to mean removing the human touch or what’s unique about your brand,” says Paul Jarvis. Instead, he encourages you to find ways to scale the voice and tone you’ve worked hard to hone.

Grow your audience

3) Design a leaflet that reflects your brand

Lauren Hom, a founder of Hom Sweet Hom design studio, uses artwork material to keep her brand aesthetic strong. She builds graphics with attractive graphics and beautiful designs to promote things like live streams, events, and products. Those style choices make people more inclined to trust her business.

4) Don’t be afraid to offer incentives

Daniel Hinds, marketing manager at Blink, says his growth strategy is simple, “We offer 5% off right away,” Hinds says. “That generates far more interest than I ever would have thought, and it’s a discount that won’t break the bank.”

Learn more about your customers

5) Create segments by adding tags to your campaigns

Add tags to your audiences and areas to develop campaigns that meet your business goals. We know money isn't everything, but ensuring you're going to deliver to the people that will take action on your material is something Copland can help you with.

6) Keep your local audience happy by sending them messages they’re after

With the Artwork Manager, you can compare how well your campaigns are performing by the conversion rates they have. With this, your Insights page will give you helpful tips you may not have thought of to keep your customers engaged.

7) Invest in the right audience at the right moment

Define your delivery audiences and save money by not delivering to customers who won't convert. Not all customers are big spenders, and that's okay. But for your business, there's not much point in marketing to customers who'll never convert at all.

Optimize your campaigns

8) Save your settings to replicate your success

Create one campaign and use its settings across all of your areas. Experient with works and what doesn't work and gain new customers intelligently Copland.

9) Use CoplandPost from anywhere

Everything you can do on the desktop you can do on your mobile. That means your business never needs to stop moving forward, allowing you to discover new insights and analytics.

10) Manage your audiences from one account

With your Copland account, you can create, define and grow your audiences all from one place. That means more time for you and less money spent delivering to people who are less likely to convert.

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