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Keeping your campaigns running smoothly

We take your business reputation, success and campaign effectiveness seriously. Therefore, we’ve taken a number of steps to ensure that our vetting process (the selection of our local leaflet deliverers, et. al) is completely secure.

Background checks

A background check is conducted to assess the deliverer's recent experience and past conduct within the local area. Leaflet deliverers are limited to certain campaigns and restrictions when starting work with us if they do pass our checks.

Coherent interviews

We hold coherent interviews with our applicants, and leaflet deliverers that have worked with us before but apply for anew campaign. During these interviews, we ensure that our standards are understood, and the campaign requirements, app software and material types are all acceptable to the deliverer. Finally, we ensure that new deliverers start work with experienced staff or local supervisors.

Online tracking

All of our leaflet deliverers are tracked on every route, allowing you to assess every road which has been covered, the exact amount of homes delivered to on each route, the population that would have been included, the types of homes covered and other important details that contribute to the quality of the delivery.

Rating system

Each deliverer is ranked between 1 to 10 and this rating changes depending on their past work. Ratings help us assess the reliability and speed of our leaflet deliverers and these also work as an important incentive to complete assigned routes quickly and on time. Ultimately, higher ratings will provide deliverers with additional benefits (which are not exclusively permitted to financial gains).

Application training

We provide our leaflet deliverers with complete training and ongoing support for our software. Although our app is designed to ensure ease of use at every step, our people are providing constant support and feedback to deliverers, helping them serve your business better.

Living wage

We're proud to provide the living wage to all local deliverers that work in your selected area. not only does it provide better services, efficently conducted in hand with Copland technology, we do it because it's the right thing to do.

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