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Standard Onboarding Success Plan

Our Standard Success Plan gives you access to Copland Post's core features, dependable customer support, and regular updates. Ideal for businesses starting with Copland Post.

Standard Onboarding Success Plan

This is what success looks like

Effortless Campaign Management

Gain access to all of Copland Post's essential features, making it easier than ever to plan, execute, and track your leaflet distribution campaigns.

Reliable Support

Enjoy peace of mind with reliable customer support during business hours, ensuring you have the assistance you need when you need it most.

Continuous Improvement

Stay ahead of the curve with regular updates and improvements to Copland Post, ensuring your experience is always evolving for the better.

How can you unleash the full power of Copland Post?

Copland Post specialists offer free advice and support for setting up your first campaign, with no extra cost.

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