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Industry Solutions
At Copland Post, we understand that door-to-door delivery is crucial for many business industries.

Non-profit Organizations

Raise awareness, gather support, and promote fundraising efforts for charitable causes and non-profit organizations.


Increase customer base and drive traffic to auto dealerships, repair shops, and car rental services.

Fitness and Wellness

Target health-conscious individuals looking for gyms, fitness classes, wellness centers, and personal training services.


Advertise upcoming events, concerts, shows, and festivals to attract audiences and boost ticket sales.


Reach out to parents and students to promote schools, tutoring services, educational programs, and extracurricular activities.

Home Services

Connect with homeowners in need of home improvement, cleaning, maintenance, and other related services.

Professional Services

Boost visibility and attract clients for accounting firms, law offices, consulting agencies, and other professional service providers.


Promote medical services, clinics, and healthcare facilities to local communities for better outreach and awareness.


Increase foot traffic and bookings for hotels, restaurants, and resorts with targeted leaflet campaigns.

Food & Drink

Unlock the potential of your food and drink business with targeted leaflet delivery campaigns that drive customer engagement and boost sales.

Real Estate

Elevate your real estate business with strategic leaflet delivery campaigns that reach your target audience and generate leads for properties.

Public Sector

Empower your public sector initiatives with effective leaflet delivery campaigns that communicate important information, engage communities, and drive participation in government programs and services.


Boost foot traffic and drive sales for your retail business with targeted leaflet delivery campaigns that effectively promote your products, special offers, and brand message to potential customers in your local area.

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