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The Copland advantage

We’d like to present exactly what sets us apart, and exactly what you can expect when you use CoplandPost.

Easy to use

We've based our product on just a few, simple building blocks — a dashboard, flyer deliveries and routes. Flyer deliveries are easy to set up, track and manage, and our features complement our core belief; they don't detract from it.

Complete control 

Your business is always changing, so we've built a product that changes with you. Start and pause your delivery at the click of a switch, change your area and edit the frequency of your delivery wherever and whenever you need to.

Free collection

You get more for your money with each delivery. All our local collections are free and easy to setup. Just let us know the time and place, and we'll arrange a collection that works around you, not the other way around.

Peace of mind 

Our local leaflet deliverers are part of CoplandPost. We use our own technology to assess, vet and employ so there's no outsourcing involved. From start to finish, quality is assured using Copland talent, giving you peace of mind as your campaigns are conducted quickly and efficiently.

Intuitive design

CoplandPost is so easy to use that while we’ve got loads of tutorials and support articles, you probably won’t need them to get started. Just understand the basics and you’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll in no time.

Spending controls

You can pay for your flyer delivery with a Pay As You Go option (paying after every batch is delivered) or balance option (we'll deduct your delivery from a set balance that you've paid). Whatever you choose, you're in control.

Compelling features

Our leaflet distribution features are designed to be both easy to use and powerful. From building insightful reports to reordering routes, CoplandPost has all the features you need to reach your goals.

Broad compatibility

CoplandPost is web-based. That means no downloading, no manual updating. You can access your deliveries from anyway, make changes on the move, and work to deliver outstanding results for your business.

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Premium features


Premium features

Premium features

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